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Des Healy


Des Healy (53 years) was born and raised in Ireland.  He currently lives in Germany with his German wife and son, is fluent in German and has dual German and Irish citizenship.

Des studied in University College Cork where he got a Degree in English and a Diploma in Education.  He then worked for several years as a Teacher of English in Cobh, Ireland.

In the 1980s, Des switched to the IT, consulting and telecommunications industries where he worked on large computer integration projects, sales & marketing and business consulting.  For 13 years Des worked for one of the „Big Five“ consulting and systems integration companies including 8 years as a Partner.

In the course of his career, Des has lived and worked in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the USA.  This international career has made him an expert in international, intercultural and senior (C-level) communication.



Petra Healy


Petra Healy (nee Hötte, 52 years) is a native German. She studied in Münster where she graduated with a Masters degree in Education (Diplom-Pädagogin).

Petra is a licensed Psychotherapist running her own Psychotherapy practice in Germany.  At Blackthorn Language Services, she provides coaching and training.

Petra is also specialised in Intercultural Communication.  She studied Intercultural Communication at the University of Minnesota in the USA as well as at the University of Cologne, Germany. She also studied Personnel and Organisation Development with the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Gesprächspsychotherapie (GwG).

Petra has lived and worked in Germany, Sweden, Holland and the USA.



Des Healy

Petra Healy





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